Toyooka City, Hyogo | TOHO SEIKO | Design and Production of Precision Springs, Press Tooling Molds, Precision Tools & Jigs and Equipment for Streamlined Machines. We handle springs every day and we are flexible and resilient like “springs”. Ask us anything about springs.



Production Line

Wire Spring Department

→Details About Wire Springs

Multi-Forming Department

→Details About Flat Springs

Medical Products Department

The micro springs that are used for super precision equipment are manufactured in the clean production room. This room prevents dust or dirt from contaminating the manufacturing process of the springs allowing us to maintain a stable quality of our products.

Trial Production Department

Small-lot products, prototypes, and complicated products are made carefully by hand. They are made by skilled and experienced engineers.

Design and Development Department

We developed all the machines and products in-house such as press tooling molds, multi-forming molds, streamlined machines, and spring manufacturing machines.

Main Equipment

Wire Spring

NC Spring Machines 82 units max wire diameter 4.0
NC Coiling Machines 24 units max wire diameter 2.6
Coiling Machines 11 units max wire diameter 1.0
Self-Developed NC Spring Machines 9 units max wire diameter 0.8
Spring Polishing Machines 4 units  

NC Spring Formers

Spring Forming Center

Tension Spring Machines

Long Wiring Coiling Equipment

Micro Spring Machines

Automatic Polishing Machines

Press Machines

Automatic Press Machine 8 units max 60t
Hydraulic Press 9 units max 10t
Multi-Forming Machines 12 units max 30t
Barrel Polishing Machines 2 units  
Hydrocarbon-Based Cleaning Equipment 2 units  

Multi-Forming Machines

Press Machines

Hydrocarbon-Based Cleaning Equipment

Precision Sheet Metal Processing

Turret Punch Press 1 unit  
Press Brakes 2 units max 15t
Spot Welder 1 unit  
TIG Welder 1 unit  
Tapping Machine 1 unit  

Self-Developed Equipment

End Treatment Machines

Self-Developed Semi-Automatic Batch Type Electric Furnaces

Automatic Bending & Camera Sorters

Full-Automatic Line (Coiling, Heat Treatment, Wrapping)

Heat Treatment

Batch Type Electric Furnaces 3 units
Conveyor Type Electric Furnaces 8 units
Spiral Vibration Electric Furnace 1 unit
Conveyor Shaker Hearth Electric Furnaces 11 units
Self-Developed Conveyor Shaker Hearth Electric Furnaces 35 units
Self-Developed Small Electric Furnaces 3 units
Self-Developed Batch Type Electric Furnace For Long Size 1 unit


Compression Tension Springs Testing Machines 7 units 0.01gf – 50kgf
Torsion Springs Testing Machines 2 units 0.1gf – 50kgf
Self-Developed Spring Endurance Testing Machines 2 units  
Projectors (dia. 300mm / dia. 500mm) 15 units  
Digital Micro Scopes 3 units max x1000
Hardness Testers 2 units  
Image Size Measurers 2 units  
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) 1 unit  
Automatic Load Sorters 2 units 0.1 g – 10 kg


Wire Cut Electric Treatment 2 units
EDM Machine 1 unit
Machining Center 1 unit
Milling Machines 12 units
Lathes 5 units
Drill Presses 8 units
Jig Grinding Machine 1 unit
Optical Profile Grinding Machine 1 unit
Surface Grinding Machines 2 units
Forming Grinding Machines 3 units
Cylindrical Grinding Machine 1 unit
Tool Grinding Machines 4 units
Bandsaw 1 unit
Tempering Electric Furnaces 2 units

Machining Center

Wire Cut Electric Spark Machine

Surface Grinding Machines

Jig Grinding Machine



Spot Welding Machine 1 unit
Gas Welding Machines 2 units
Electric Welding Machines 2 units


Personal 2D CAD/CAM 7 units
3D CAD/CAM 4 units








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